Lovelady Consulting

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Adobe InDesign

This is the leading electronic publishing program used by both Mac and PC users. Programs created on one platform can be edited on the other. This is a very robust program capable of handling publications of all types.

If you have publications created in an older version they can easily be updated to the most current version. If you need to maintain your publications in an older version, it's not a problem to save in a format that can be opened in an earlier version of InDesign.

Corel Ventura

This program shines when it comes to working with long, structured documents. If you have publications in any version of Corel Ventura they can be edited, updated, or converted to another formats.


I'm just a phone call or email away. Whether you need assistance with a publication that I've created or edited for you, or you need a rush project, I'm going to work to help you meet your goals.